Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sports facilitate birth

Sport with many benefits, but now are of great importance in the life of a pregnant woman, especially in the first six months. These exercises help strengthen the pelvis and thus facilitate the birth.

"Exercise phrases" to ease the pressure of the uterus

This exercise is designed to put the weight of the whole body on the knees and legs while making the head, neck and spine straight and then start bending back to the top with the inclusion of the abdomen, buttocks and head lowered to the bottom. This exercise helps pregnant women to ease the pressure on the uterus.

"Pelvic tilt exercise" to ease back pain

This is done through exercise, lie down on the back straight so that the back and shoulders touching the ground. Then, raise your knees towards the abdomen with their dimensions. Repeat this exercise ten times a day.

"Exercise crouch" easy birth

Women hold a table or chair and standing up straight and then commends her knees and goes down toward the ground. This type of exercise is useful to ease the pain of childbirth and improve the functioning of the uterus. In addition, more than the exercise of uterine contractions during labor, helping to push the baby's head to the bottom.

"The pelvis flexion exercise" to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Aimed at "bending the pelvis exercise" to alleviate back pain and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen at birth. This can be done through exercise, lie on your back and bend the knees and then inhaled the air slowly and bend the hip and abdominal muscles and keep the feet on the ground. After that, you must remove the air slowly and relax the muscles. Are refining this exercise ten minutes a day.

The exercises in the task of facilitating the birth process, but should not be exercised on the stand during the last three months. In this period, a pregnant woman walking a half hour a day just so as not to strain themselves.

Shoe is equipped with GPS to monitor Alzheimer's patients

Allow phonetic typing
Now sold in the U.S. market the latest shoes, is dedicated to the Alzheimer's patient to follow his steps while returning to home or work so as not to lose his way.

The new shoe is equipped with a computer makes it easy to trace his steps through the long distances, and to know his movements.
The new shoe on the market sold off about 250 euros.