Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Yawning is necessary and important to cool the brain

A recent study issued by the Princeton University that the biological function of the process of yawning is to regulate the temperature of the brain, And cooled from high temperatures, but did not deny the fact that at the same time yawning and means to express boredom or fatigue and the need to sleep for eternity.

The researchers found the results of this study follow-up after about 160 people, volunteers, and calculate the rate of yawning in the summer and winter, in addition to follow-up 80 in the fall and spring.

The results indicated that the rate of yawning volunteers was greater in summer compared to winter and warm atmosphere, and the researchers attributed to the fact that the temperature of the warm air in the summer does not work to cool the brain in the required manner as occurs with the cold winter.

"Facebook" will be using the technology, "Microsoft" to prevent pornographic content to protect children

Announced the largest social network in the world that Facebook will start using PhotoDNA technique for analyzing images, developed by Microsoft in an effort to find child pornography on the web.

According to Facebook, the technical PhotoDNA will be applied to all images submitted to the site to help find and the prohibition of images that prove that they include the contents of a pornographic nature for children.

Will also use the reports on this subject to help the National Center for Exploited Children NCMEC kidnapped and in addition to assisting local authorities to take steps immediately to eliminate this phenomenon.

Microsoft has worked with the Dartmouth University to develop technology PhotoDNA in 2009 and the company later to include this technology in its search engine Bing and SkyDrive service, including images that are posted on SkyDrive from the e-mail service Hotmail.

The technique works by creating an image for every signature and compare pictures known. Is the signature creation through the conversion is initially to the black and white and then in and out, cutting into a network of cells, each cell a different light is analyzed and is the signature creation based on these data, the amount of data in each signature are relatively few, making compliance easier.