Friday, 30 December 2011

Japanese company launches first projector works cloud computing

Has released "Exemode" Japanese specialized in the manufacture of electronic devices, especially digital cameras, based in Tokyo, the first projector "Biko" is directly connected to the computing cloud storage, and called it "Aigo Projector Cloud".

This is related to the device directly - through technology "WLAN" - ISP and cloud computing through the company "Dream Train Internet" Japanese, allows users to access files that were uploaded and downloaded directly by using the smart phone and stored within the cloud computing without the need to plug your computer desktop or PC and view and watch the content on any wall, wherever he was going through the device's screen touch.

The device comes with the mouse and wireless keyboard small depending on the model, as well as that provider by several outlets, different to connect a wide range of mobile devices from laptops or digital cameras and video and others, including a specific port card "SD" as well as a specific port Bmkro USB.

This device is characterized by small size of 230 grams and dimensions of (90.8 x98.8 x 31.2) mm, which allows its position within the pocket and carried easily anywhere. The device supports the operating system "Windows, and Linux, IBM OS, and Android, and file format" PDF ", video, photos and files Office" PowerPoint, and Office 2003, and 2007 ", as well as play music" MP3. "

The strength of the brightness of this projector provider of technology "DLP" and the system of diode LED 300 ANNECY Omins, and displays the projector screen can be changed in size between 3.5 inches and 150 inches, and up the power of the device's battery to 22000 mA per hour and applies up to 20 thousand hours maximum .

There are different sizes of the projector, there is a style typical "Aigo Projector Cloud PT6316L" and priced at 488 euros, and comes with a tripod "tripod" and the mouse, the class "Aigo Projector Cloud PT6316S" Premium, the regular price of 780 euros, and comes with a "tripod" and keyboard wireless mouse and the company plans to introduce its product first in the Japanese market in late January of next year.

"Google" launches renewable energy projects

Decided to Google the giant American investment amount and the amount of U.S. $ 94 million (about 71.6 million euros) for the Construction of 4 solar power plants clean near the city of "Sacramento", U.S. in collaboration with all of the company "KKR" International Investments company, "Recurrent Energy" leading to the development of generation projects and the provision of clean energy is located near "Sacramento," the capital of California.

According to Google, this is the first project the company's biggest investments in renewable energy in the United States of America, to provide the energy productivity of $ 88 MW, that is, they are able to meet the needs of 13 thousand house of electricity.

Google said that investments in clean energy is part of the company's ongoing initiative in renewable energy less expensive than coal and friendly environment, in order to fully transition to this energy by the year 2030.

And has already contributed in building Google's Bishop 10 thousand house provider of solar panels in the United States of America.

For his part, Axel Martens, Assistant Finance Section Google workers: "We believe in the importance of investing in the renewable energy sector, and we continue to clean energy projects to attract new financial source to help the world to go and move towards a clean energy future and lasting."

The company said it will be completed in full of the three facilities at the beginning of next year, will end with the completion of the Annex IV later in the same year.

The last April that Google announced it would invest a sum of 3.5 million euros in the same sector in collaboration with the company "Capital Stage" German investments to build power plant PV city of Brandenburg an der Havel German state of Brandenburg.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Yawning is necessary and important to cool the brain

A recent study issued by the Princeton University that the biological function of the process of yawning is to regulate the temperature of the brain, And cooled from high temperatures, but did not deny the fact that at the same time yawning and means to express boredom or fatigue and the need to sleep for eternity.

The researchers found the results of this study follow-up after about 160 people, volunteers, and calculate the rate of yawning in the summer and winter, in addition to follow-up 80 in the fall and spring.

The results indicated that the rate of yawning volunteers was greater in summer compared to winter and warm atmosphere, and the researchers attributed to the fact that the temperature of the warm air in the summer does not work to cool the brain in the required manner as occurs with the cold winter.

"Facebook" will be using the technology, "Microsoft" to prevent pornographic content to protect children

Announced the largest social network in the world that Facebook will start using PhotoDNA technique for analyzing images, developed by Microsoft in an effort to find child pornography on the web.

According to Facebook, the technical PhotoDNA will be applied to all images submitted to the site to help find and the prohibition of images that prove that they include the contents of a pornographic nature for children.

Will also use the reports on this subject to help the National Center for Exploited Children NCMEC kidnapped and in addition to assisting local authorities to take steps immediately to eliminate this phenomenon.

Microsoft has worked with the Dartmouth University to develop technology PhotoDNA in 2009 and the company later to include this technology in its search engine Bing and SkyDrive service, including images that are posted on SkyDrive from the e-mail service Hotmail.

The technique works by creating an image for every signature and compare pictures known. Is the signature creation through the conversion is initially to the black and white and then in and out, cutting into a network of cells, each cell a different light is analyzed and is the signature creation based on these data, the amount of data in each signature are relatively few, making compliance easier.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Algeria does not drink the water 35 years ago and his condition baffled doctors

Although water is the only thing you can not living to do without it, the young Algerian baffled everyone, especially doctors; because he did not drink water for more than three decades.

Algerian young man, aged 35 years, and nicknamed Balmknasa, runs a popular cafe in the city of Mulberry Square Blida; does not like drinking water at all, to the extent that he felt sick when forced to drink it.

The Meknassi seem more vital and active, do not show signs of dryness in the skin or eyes, according to the newspaper "Sunrise" of Algeria.

Meknassi says the newspaper, said that since his childhood and he does not remember to drink water only rarely, but more than that he does not like juice or drink only soft drinks.

He added that although he did not show symptoms of illness, was forced after the strong insistence of his mother to go to the doctor and the analysis necessary to detect this.

The Meknassi that went to the lab (laboratory); where the doctor asked him to drink a liter and a half liters of radioactive water to examine it, adding that he had swallowed a dose of water by force, but the surprise is that the rays did not show anything in the abdomen, the doctor perplexed.

But young Algerian said he removed his surprise when he asked permission to go out and return and when he returned he brought with him a bottle of soft drink to drink two liters a single dose, his stomach bulged and complete physician examination, including a wonder seen.

He says the young phenomenon that is consumed in the day with his small family 6 liters of soft drinks, revealing that soft drinks are usually inherited from relatives since he was small, and it does not complain of any bidder is unhealthy. He thanked the Creator for that.

Beware of the electric cigarette

Electric cigarettes are not an effective way to quit smoking. He assured the Federal Centre for Health Education in Cologne, western Germany, that quitting requires a modification of behavior, which is not achieved by the so-called electric cigarettes. And the combination of these types of cigarettes, ITC explained that it consists of a cover and an electric battery and atomizer and cartridge removable and installation to refill a cigarette, as well as it produces smoke is inhaled during use.

The Federal Center that cigarettes may cause electrical damage to health as well; because they contain - in addition to nicotine drugs - a group of toxic substances or carcinogens.

States that it is difficult for cigarette smokers electrical evaluation of these health risks are clear; because the components do not appear clearly on the cover of the package. It is also not known whether the resulting smoke was dangerous or not.

Service to delete all twit on site "Twitter"

Did you ever think to delete all twit on Twitter? Did you ever think to cancel your account and create a new account for you and you want to keep fans twit your favorite?.

TwitWipe service that scans all twit once while retaining twit favorite and list of followers, all you have to do is to enter the site by TwitWipe your account on Twitter and allows the site to access your account.

Then simply click on the button TwitWipe this account and then confirm it and wait for a long period may be somewhat even finished deleting all tweets, you have to know that he can not undo this step can not be re-tweets deleted.

So good for you to decide whether you want to delete tweets before using the service. I think that the service can be useful for activists who are being prosecuted by the security services.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

"Google" plans to pay almost a billion dollars to "Firefox" in the agreement of the Internet search

Company plans to "Google" pay almost a billion dollars to a company, "Mozilla", owner of the browser "Firefox" for three years to remain a "Google" search engine on the main browser is open source, according to what reported in the "Wall Street Journal."

According to the report, what you'll pay "Google" the equivalent of more than three times that paid by the Company in its agreement with the former "Firefox", which ended into effect by the end of November (November), and the form of more than 84% of revenue, "Mozilla".

The report said that "Microsoft" strongly tried to replace the "Google" on the browser "Firefox" as a search engine through a major research engine "ping", but "Google" has offered to pay a higher amount in the end.

Scientists reveal how the infiltration of the virus, "AIDS" of the cell nucleus

Scientists from Britain, said the HIV (AIDS) enters the nucleus of the cell through the cell adhesion protein and that this is the only way in which the virus penetrates through the pores that bind within the cell nucleus around.

They said that the disclosure of this fact strengthens the hopes of combating the virus because the knowledge of how the penetration of the cell nucleus can do something against him.

And often up the virus to the human body through the blood or sperm, then up into the cell through the outer membrane, but that is not enough to infect the body as it needs to configure the virus within the genetic qualities of the total genetic cell they infect. This total is located in the nucleus of the cell genetic. There are within the membrane pores large regulated stream of particles inside the cell and out of them.

The new study is that the team of researchers under the supervision of Towers discovered that the virus protein called protein "Kabsid" stick first protein "Nob 358" in cell so that it can access through the pores of the nucleus to the final goal. The researchers said the viruses that the protein "Kabsid rate" so he could not correlation with protein "Nob 358" can not multiply in immune cells, that is, if possible, block the interaction between the protein "Kabsid" and protein "Nob 358" of the cell body, it is possible reveal a new weapon to combat this virus, which infects the immune system of the body.

But the scientists stressed the lack of the possibility of developing a new drug based on the idea of ​​the study and this study is still in its early stages, and the idea that the drugs currently used against the AIDS virus to attack at several different positions. Some of these drugs are trying to prevent the infiltration of the virus to the cell and some are trying to prevent its integration into the total genetic cell. And are often linked to different drugs in the treatment of "AIDS."

The number of people living with "AIDS" in the world the end of 2010 some 34 million patients, according to the United Nations to fight the "AIDS" where about 68 percent (22.9 million patients) of them in sub-Saharan West Africa.

He died about 1.8 million people infected last year by the "AIDS" while prevented the drugs used in treatment without the death of about 700 thousand others, according to the United Nations to fight the "AIDS."

Friday, 23 December 2011

Five bases gold mother breastfeeds her baby

Nowadays, it has become difficult to find the mother to breastfeed her child, under the conditions of life, especially if the mother is working and that breastfeeding carries with it the requirements is difficult and requires a sabbatical may be difficult to secure permanent.

So the mother asked to see more and Culture to take the right decision and know that it is not true to say that there be unable to breast-feeding mothers, the lack of milk in women. This is one of the common misconceptions as to the production of milk in a woman's body begins in pregnancy to be ready to breastfeed after half an hour of birth, and increases the production of breast milk only repeated the child. The factory is given a bottle of milk and mitigation of lactation not only contribute in reducing the amount of breast milk in the mother.

Any mother can breastfeed her baby without a problem or discomfort or fatigue, contrary to the rumors about what causes breast pain, according to the specialist in the affairs of breast-Shatti, which confirms the absence of excuses for not breastfeeding because breast milk distinguished its benefits to the mother and children and riches components of food available at all or provided that keen on the continuity of production continuity of breastfeeding.

When milk production begins in the mother's body?

Starting cells responsible for milk production growth in the first stages of pregnancy, what explains the increase in the size of breasts and convert them to become more solid. Note that this is happening to all women in pregnancy. In the fifth or seventh month of pregnancy may be produced Allaba (Alkoloström). The milk, breastfeeding, natural composition, Vintage after 3 or 5 days of the situation, if the mother breastfeeds her baby regularly and consistently. Therefore, it is advisable to begin the mother breastfeed her baby immediately after birth, does not have to wait days to show the milk.

Is there a means to allow a certain amount of milk to increase the body's natural mother to breastfeed her child in great amounts?

There are five golden rules must be emphasized to the mother breastfeeds her child effectively and a major increase milk supply has, a

• Start breastfeeding immediately after birth and frequently: You must start the mother breastfeed her baby after half an hour of the situation, that is fed by 10 times or 12 per day during the three or five days after birth to get to B, nutritious milk. During the first and second weeks, the mother breastfeeds her child 8 or 10 times a day, 6 or 8 times a day beyond. As the frequent feeding of the child in the first days after birth helps to stabilize the mother's milk supply and increase it.

• Avoid giving the child a bottle of milk and Popsicle: enough to give the Child 30 ml of hot drinks, water or milk to the factory stock is affected by the mother negatively. It's also best not to give the child a popsicle because they limit the weight of a child who suckle from the mother and reduce the stock of mother milk.

• Breastfeeding a child when his request is not based on a certain timing: as much as the mother breastfeeds her child more, increase their milk supply.

• Do not prolong the period between the date of breastfeeding and the last more than 4 hours: You should not continue the interval between feeding and the other more than 4 hours because the milk back into the blood and then back down quantity.

• Breastfeeding should not be painful: You must ensure the health and status of the child when breastfeeding and to be his way of absorption of sound even breastfeeding does not hurt the mother.

- When the cause breast pain?

Suffer when the mother breast-feeding when the baby's position is incorrect and wrong way of absorption, and does not cover his mouth when the entire nipple, which hurts the mother does not allow him to obtain a sufficient quantity of milk at the same time.

- What are the most appropriate position to feed the child?

Mother should sit at ease in her back and her legs and arms and is keen to have her facing her and does not need to move his head to be able to breast-feeding should not there be a vacuum or space between them and the baby, so baby's abdomen touching the mother's abdomen.

- Is the child needs to vitamins as well as breastfeeding?

Breast milk provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the child. But it is enough that the baby is exposed to sunlight for a short period each day for the need of vitamin "d". Mother who is breastfeeding her child is able to properly secure all its needs without the need to milk factory.

- What is the amount of water needed by the child to the breast?

Mother's milk contains 83 per cent of it on the water, and therefore does not require the child to drink extra water until reaching the age of 6 months.

- You can only just taken up the child for milk in the early days?

Does not exceed the child's ability to eat the equivalent of 4 tablespoons of milk with equal amount of milk in the early days in the mother 7.4 tablespoons a day and a half teaspoon or a spoon every time the fed or 30 ml per day.

- Tells a lot about the importance of milk in the early days of the child, what benefits?

Milk holds several advantages for the digestive system and provides protection from allergies and colic and jaundice. It also highlights the importance of the riches with antibiotics.

I understand plastic surgery before they

Should be on patients who want cosmetic surgery procedure to clarify all stages of the process from the doctor before the elections. She explained the German Society for Plastic Surgery in the capital Berlin that the doctor must inform the patients on several things before being subjected to surgery, including essential treatments before and after the surgery and the risks of surgery, as well as potential therapeutic alternative.

So should those who wish, for example in surgery to liposuction to know that he must reach a certain weight before surgery, as well as the need to quit smoking and dispensed from eating certain kinds of medicines.

The surgeon should also inform patients of possible consequences after surgery, such as wound healing disorders or injury Btormat last for a long time. If the doctor entertained a doubt about anything before the surgery, he must then be advised patients not to take place.

Finally, the German Society advises patients need to tell the doctor if they feel they did not discuss everything in detail and with him enough.

Allow phonetic typing "YouTube" View recorded one trillion in 2011

Declared site "Google" The number of viewers to the site "YouTube" photographer recorded more than a trillion seen on the video site on the Internet in 2011.

"The Google" The staggering rise to 140 when watching everyone on the planet. The web site "Google" is also a list of the top ten videos View away from those of the major works of registration.

The list includes mostly articles dealing with amateur footage or comic songs for months.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sports facilitate birth

Sport with many benefits, but now are of great importance in the life of a pregnant woman, especially in the first six months. These exercises help strengthen the pelvis and thus facilitate the birth.

"Exercise phrases" to ease the pressure of the uterus

This exercise is designed to put the weight of the whole body on the knees and legs while making the head, neck and spine straight and then start bending back to the top with the inclusion of the abdomen, buttocks and head lowered to the bottom. This exercise helps pregnant women to ease the pressure on the uterus.

"Pelvic tilt exercise" to ease back pain

This is done through exercise, lie down on the back straight so that the back and shoulders touching the ground. Then, raise your knees towards the abdomen with their dimensions. Repeat this exercise ten times a day.

"Exercise crouch" easy birth

Women hold a table or chair and standing up straight and then commends her knees and goes down toward the ground. This type of exercise is useful to ease the pain of childbirth and improve the functioning of the uterus. In addition, more than the exercise of uterine contractions during labor, helping to push the baby's head to the bottom.

"The pelvis flexion exercise" to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Aimed at "bending the pelvis exercise" to alleviate back pain and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen at birth. This can be done through exercise, lie on your back and bend the knees and then inhaled the air slowly and bend the hip and abdominal muscles and keep the feet on the ground. After that, you must remove the air slowly and relax the muscles. Are refining this exercise ten minutes a day.

The exercises in the task of facilitating the birth process, but should not be exercised on the stand during the last three months. In this period, a pregnant woman walking a half hour a day just so as not to strain themselves.

Shoe is equipped with GPS to monitor Alzheimer's patients

Allow phonetic typing
Now sold in the U.S. market the latest shoes, is dedicated to the Alzheimer's patient to follow his steps while returning to home or work so as not to lose his way.

The new shoe is equipped with a computer makes it easy to trace his steps through the long distances, and to know his movements.
The new shoe on the market sold off about 250 euros.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Allow phonetic typing Health symptoms may seem simple, but do not ignore

Medical report warned of ignoring the symptoms of seven healthy, normal person might consider "simple", but in fact, may cause disability or even death, if ignored or not addressed immediately by a physician. These symptoms, in some cases will not have any developments, and will be mostly harmless, but the same bidder might be a "signal", or "evidence" of a serious chronic disease and can be avoided, if diagnosed early.

He called the report, published on the site, "Peter Medicine," that the person who suffers from these symptoms should consult a specialist doctors quickly, pointing out that the consultation early will also provide huge amounts of money may be incurred by the patient, if you leave the offer to worsen to serious illness. The seven symptoms that should not be ignored is:

Chest pain:

The pain that the patient feels that his heart-wrenching, may indicate a heart attack, in which case the patient must be fragmented disk "aspirin" and puts it under his tongue, then call the ambulance immediately. According to the American Heart that women who suffer from the same show, feel nauseous and pain in the abdomen and chest, jaw, or neck.

Sudden difficulty in pronunciation:

Any sudden difficulty in pronunciation may be a sign of a stroke, so you must go to the emergency immediately, and other signs of stroke, blurring or loss of vision, particularly in one eye, and feeling dizzy for no apparent reason, or even a sudden headache.

Crying easily:

Especially if accompanied by difficulty in decision-making, or in focus, or even remember things, and if this continues to offer more than two weeks, you should consult a psychiatrist as evidence of the possibility of a depressive illness.

Chronic thirst:

Feeling of thirst, which is accompanied by fatigue unjustified, and recurrent infections, may be a sign of diabetes.

There is blood in the urine:

May be blood in the urine indicates the presence of inflammation in the kidney or bladder, but it also could be evidence of something more serious, as the existence of stone in the kidney.

Sores or unusual lumps or skin lesions:

These symptoms may be signs of a skin cancer, so you should consult a doctor, especially if the skin lesions strange shape or color.

Chronic headache:

In the event of a sudden a chronic headache, it is best to go to the emergency, it may be a sign of the presence of inflammation of blood vessels or brain tumor.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

A vaccine to eliminate 70 percent of cancers

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Scientists to develop a new vaccine can provide protection against 70% of fatal cancers, in the revolutionary discovery could save millions of lives in the coming years.

And tests showed that the vaccine was able to spend 80% of breast cancer, while scientists believe that he could deal with prostate cancer, pancreas, intestine and ovary.

He announced a team of researchers from the University of "Georgia" and "Mayo Clinic" that the new vaccine targets certain types of cancer, which refuses to respond to the treatments currently used, so that the drug "Herceptin" which is called the "wonder drug".

All the tests that have so far been conducted on mice, scientists hope to pass these tests on humans in just two years, and the state of research has been completed, the vaccine will become available in the global markets during the year 2020.

The new vaccine is working to strengthen the human immune system to combat the potential for tumors in the body.

The therapeutic research to this day fear of the possibility of damage to human tissue due to the strong treatments followed by the doctors to eliminate the tumors.

The vaccine works on training the immune system to recognize tumor cells that have the ability to shift cancerous tumors, Faihma body against it.

The doctor involved in the research Sandra Jendilar the cancer cells themselves wrapped with a layer of sugar to move inside the human body, and pointed out that the vaccine can recognize this sugar to make up the infected cells.

In turn, the doctor said the participant in the search I ran Jean Pons, discovered the mechanism that enables the body to eliminate the 80% of the tumor.

The researchers believe that about 70% of fatal cancers can be eliminated soon by this vaccine.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Web browser "Chrome" is superior to rival "Firefox"

Economic report showed that the web browser "Chrome", produced by the "Google" has become a strong competitor for months, a browser "Internet Explorer" which is produced by "Microsoft" after seeing the competition "Firefox" in terms of number of users.

The report, prepared by the Foundation "State Counter" market research that the "Chrome" accounts for 25.69 percent of the market for Internet browsers in the world compared to 25.23 percent for his rival "Firefox" and 40.63 percent for the first browser "Internet Explorer".

Chief Executive of the Foundation "State Counter" Aduhan Colin: "We can look forward to a battle off between (Microsoft) and (Google) in the light of the pace of growth (Chrome), which indicates that it will become a competitor for (Internet Explorer) at the global level."

The "Google" has offered the "Chrome" browser in 2008, the only major growing rapidly thanks to the good reputation superiority in speed and stability. In November (November 2009) was a global market share of 4.66 percent.

Social networking for pets in Germany

Achieved a new social network aimed at pet only popular in Germany.

Web site to allow pet owners to upload pictures of their animals like a dog "Julius" is shown by the works or spider "Fraolaan Meyer," who wrote on his comment says, "This was really delicious locusts."

Runs first, Dr. Website, which provides web visitors with information and useful tips in the world of pets. Was recorded about 30 thousand of pet owners themselves on the site since its launch in August last year. And plans to provide the site application smart phone.

Flash memory at high speed and large storage capacity

Put "Kingston Digital" flash memory "Data Traveler Hyper X 3.0", designed for users seeking performance and gamers.

This is the memory of the fastest types of memory and the largest capacity you develop company Kingston. And help the velocities of large users in the flash memory to store their files at high speed without having to delete any file as a result of the memory is full Adopt new memory structure with 8 channels with the latest port-USB USB 3.0, enabling it to transfer data very quickly up to 225 MB per second for read and 135 MB per second for writing, which leads to a reduction of time required to open and modify files on the memory or copy large files and applications from and to, and the high write speed of memory allows the user to deal with large files or applications directly from memory without any delay, especially with a port USB 3.0.

Provide a new memory capacities ranging between 32 and 128 and 256 GB, and can be a memory flash capacity of 256 GB of storage contents of 10 tablets of the kind of Blueray (capacity disk Blueray 25 GB), or the contents of 54 CD-DVD (capacity of a DVD at 4.7 GB), or 48 A file MP3 (the size of each file up to 4 MB), or 13.5 million files about the type of Microsoft Word have different formats and graphic cliche normal.

Featuring flash memory DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 solid and elegant design together, and durability due to the use of a metal structure surrounded by rubber, as well as a loop to connect with a series of keys, and thus the user can take this memory with him wherever he went easily. And has a flash memory DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 guarantee for 5 years, and technical support around the clock seven days a week, as well as reliability, which is famous all Kingston products.

"Google" reveals a new tool for competition "Facebook"

In what is considered the beginning of the outbreak of war between the "Google" and "Facebook" in the means of social communication, announced the "Google" on Thursday for the service, "Weiss Velind Mae" to the new social network "Google Plus."

For as long as privacy in social networking is controversial to many analysts and users as it has been criticized in particular locations at a conference of the Federal Trade Commission, which was held in Washington on Thursday. At the conference stressed Advisor product "Google Plus" Benjamin spinalgia, the new service differs from "Facebook" it became aware of the issue of privacy since the beginning of the planning tool circles "Sirclz" and to choose the department you want when you add each update or write something new with the possibility of choosing more than one constituency in the same update.

He spinalgia that the service is addressed to these departments in the belief that the person has his life on a community represented by people in the family, friends or work colleagues and groups opposed to the "Facebook" exists but is not flexible, full as it exists in the "Google Plus" when identifying people in each group as well as the transfer from group to another.

The Chairperson of the Privacy Policy in the "Facebook" Irene songs, that the service is doing enough to ensure the privacy of its users provided their pages as a new feature provides instant notifications of friends actively on the site and allow them to remove these notifications.

The two companies "Facebook" and "Google" the settlement of lawsuits filed against it by the Federal Trade Commission to penetrate the privacy of their employees.