Thursday, 15 December 2011

A vaccine to eliminate 70 percent of cancers

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Scientists to develop a new vaccine can provide protection against 70% of fatal cancers, in the revolutionary discovery could save millions of lives in the coming years.

And tests showed that the vaccine was able to spend 80% of breast cancer, while scientists believe that he could deal with prostate cancer, pancreas, intestine and ovary.

He announced a team of researchers from the University of "Georgia" and "Mayo Clinic" that the new vaccine targets certain types of cancer, which refuses to respond to the treatments currently used, so that the drug "Herceptin" which is called the "wonder drug".

All the tests that have so far been conducted on mice, scientists hope to pass these tests on humans in just two years, and the state of research has been completed, the vaccine will become available in the global markets during the year 2020.

The new vaccine is working to strengthen the human immune system to combat the potential for tumors in the body.

The therapeutic research to this day fear of the possibility of damage to human tissue due to the strong treatments followed by the doctors to eliminate the tumors.

The vaccine works on training the immune system to recognize tumor cells that have the ability to shift cancerous tumors, Faihma body against it.

The doctor involved in the research Sandra Jendilar the cancer cells themselves wrapped with a layer of sugar to move inside the human body, and pointed out that the vaccine can recognize this sugar to make up the infected cells.

In turn, the doctor said the participant in the search I ran Jean Pons, discovered the mechanism that enables the body to eliminate the 80% of the tumor.

The researchers believe that about 70% of fatal cancers can be eliminated soon by this vaccine.