Saturday, 17 December 2011

Allow phonetic typing Health symptoms may seem simple, but do not ignore

Medical report warned of ignoring the symptoms of seven healthy, normal person might consider "simple", but in fact, may cause disability or even death, if ignored or not addressed immediately by a physician. These symptoms, in some cases will not have any developments, and will be mostly harmless, but the same bidder might be a "signal", or "evidence" of a serious chronic disease and can be avoided, if diagnosed early.

He called the report, published on the site, "Peter Medicine," that the person who suffers from these symptoms should consult a specialist doctors quickly, pointing out that the consultation early will also provide huge amounts of money may be incurred by the patient, if you leave the offer to worsen to serious illness. The seven symptoms that should not be ignored is:

Chest pain:

The pain that the patient feels that his heart-wrenching, may indicate a heart attack, in which case the patient must be fragmented disk "aspirin" and puts it under his tongue, then call the ambulance immediately. According to the American Heart that women who suffer from the same show, feel nauseous and pain in the abdomen and chest, jaw, or neck.

Sudden difficulty in pronunciation:

Any sudden difficulty in pronunciation may be a sign of a stroke, so you must go to the emergency immediately, and other signs of stroke, blurring or loss of vision, particularly in one eye, and feeling dizzy for no apparent reason, or even a sudden headache.

Crying easily:

Especially if accompanied by difficulty in decision-making, or in focus, or even remember things, and if this continues to offer more than two weeks, you should consult a psychiatrist as evidence of the possibility of a depressive illness.

Chronic thirst:

Feeling of thirst, which is accompanied by fatigue unjustified, and recurrent infections, may be a sign of diabetes.

There is blood in the urine:

May be blood in the urine indicates the presence of inflammation in the kidney or bladder, but it also could be evidence of something more serious, as the existence of stone in the kidney.

Sores or unusual lumps or skin lesions:

These symptoms may be signs of a skin cancer, so you should consult a doctor, especially if the skin lesions strange shape or color.

Chronic headache:

In the event of a sudden a chronic headache, it is best to go to the emergency, it may be a sign of the presence of inflammation of blood vessels or brain tumor.