Sunday, 8 January 2012

Japanese researchers discover link between cholesterol and Alzheimer's

A recent Japanese study showed a link between high cholesterol and Alzheimer's disease. The study, published recently in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology that people who suffer from high levels of cholesterol face a higher risk of Alzheimer's cases.

Said study author Kinsok Sasaki of the University of Kyushu, Japan "We discovered that increased levels of cholesterol are related to the appearance of large patches of the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease."

In this study, the researchers examined the case of 2587 people aged between 40 to 79 years who do not show symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. They then examined the bodies of 147 people who died after a long period of observation (10 to 15 years). Among them were 50 people diagnosed with dementia before death injury. The search for the existence of snuff spots in the brain and other signs of Alzheimer's disease.

It was found that people who suffer from high cholesterol noon to have the largest cerebral spots compared to persons who have normal levels of cholesterol. About 86% of people who suffer from high cholesterol in their blood stains the brain, compared with 62% of those who have low levels of cholesterol.

In addition to increasing the proportion of cholesterol as a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease researcher found that insulin resistance may represent a risk factor for the last patches of cortex that are associated with Alzheimer's disease.

This study shows clearly the potential impact of increased cholesterol patches on the backs of the brain directly or indirectly, except that the failure of drug treatment for high cholesterol in the treatment of Alzheimer's means there is no link between cholesterol reduction and prevention of Alzheimer's disease. "

Experts: "Chrome" browser will become the number one in the world of the Internet

Managed company "Google" about a month ago in the upgrading of the web browser "Chrome", which is owned to the second place among Internet browsers, surpassing the "Firefox", and is widely expected that the "Chrome" may succeed in the near future to get rid of the "Internet Explorer" on top of the list, to become the number one browser for the Internet.

According to the company "Stikaontr" specialized in the analysis of network data, accounted for "Chrome" with 27% share of the use of the Internet in December / January, compared to "Internet Explorer" which accounted for 37% of the market, a decline in the rate of 2% over the month the previous year, while Firefox has a solution in the third place by 25%.

And analyst David Mitchell Smith that "Chrome" because it derives its strength from a strong product, and commented: "People use it because it is a fast browser, and Google has spent a lot to promote it, which increased the awareness of users of its characteristics."

Smith said today that the user has a lot of options on Internet browsers, For several years the "Internet Explorer" is the highest share in the market, being part of a free Windows.

The success of the "Chrome" in Google's efforts to expand their business outside the famous search engine, and mobile operating systems "Android" and social networking sites "Google Plus."

Researchers discover genetic changes cause cancer of the thyroid gland

Enable U.S. researchers identify 3 of the genetic changes cause cancer, thyroid, and one of these changes shall be known as gene PTEN gene, which increases the risk of children with the disease.

She said Director of the Institute of gene therapy at Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Haraz Inge said: "We have managed the research team to study the genetic changes behind the thyroid disease has resulted in a reach of important details to help diagnose and treat disease, and hope that this study in the early detection of disease and access to the best treatment possible." .

To access the relationship between cancer risk and genetic changes, the researchers examined the follow-up nearly 3 thousand patients each were diagnosed with another disease known Cowden syndrome, a rare disease caused by defective tissue resulting in multiple tumors.

This study focused on mutations in 3 genes, known as PTEN and SDH and KLLN and because the entire work is focused on methods of remote cell therapies should be designed to reduce the risk of cancer targeting each gene separately.

The researchers discovered that mutations gene PTEN are associated with increased risk of thyroid cancer, in addition to signals for mutations other in the genes PTEN and SDH and KLLN may be included in the emergence of the problem as well, but the gene, the first is responsible for injury to children under the age of 18 years of thyroid cancer, and good luck is a test gene PTEN key element in the world of analysis of genes, as confirmed by the study.

The thyroid cancer recorded the largest increase among all other types of cancer that affects both men and women alike, and the PTEN gene is the inhibitor of the tumors and when it is in healthy condition helps in the growth and cell division.

However, inherited mutations of this gene and hinder the function of the gene and Tdjah help in the growth of tumors. This irregularity in the function of this gene is found in about 80% of patients with Cowden syndrome who are at high risk of breast cancer and thyroid.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Microsoft's Internet Explorer browsers weaker security

France joined Germany in its warning to internet users use Internet Explorer browser.

The agency warned Sarta, a French government agency for the monitoring of Internet threats, the use of all copies of this program.

The German government has warned internet users use Internet Explorer browser and advised them to use other programs for the safety of the information contained in their computer.

The advisory was issued for the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany after the company admitted that the inventor and owner of Microsoft's Internet Explorer program is a weak link during the recent hacking attacks suffered by the Google site.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Facebook hackers reward card Aútemtn open

Decided to "Facebook" to provide a credit card hackers be able to buy what they want on the way or even the withdrawal of the amounts which amounts cash through any ATM Maker, but what return?

Project Name White Hat Bug Bounty Program and is intended to pay the lengthy in general and in particular to the hackers try to find flaws in the social network Facebook, and what security holes which could be put to break into user accounts. Mr. Ryan Makihan director of security intervention to Facebook commented by saying that "researchers who are finding the gaps and helping to develop the security aspects are rare, and we really liked, we must find a way to reward them."

Black Card's "Facebook" has other features Mr Ryan says he can stand that card to "come to any conference and all it is to show that card and say that he was working pursuant to a special Facebook and will allow him to enter and will have the power to enter other occasions." Minimum Which is reported and those who reveal security holes is $ 500, but Mr. Ryan said that Facebook has to pay the amounts and reached for $ 5000 for a number of which were Developers confirm their information about gaps in the system. Facebook is not the first to embrace the idea of ​​dealing with hackers and other companies are Developers such as "Google" and "Mozilla" applied this idea since the period of time and even now.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Japanese company launches first projector works cloud computing

Has released "Exemode" Japanese specialized in the manufacture of electronic devices, especially digital cameras, based in Tokyo, the first projector "Biko" is directly connected to the computing cloud storage, and called it "Aigo Projector Cloud".

This is related to the device directly - through technology "WLAN" - ISP and cloud computing through the company "Dream Train Internet" Japanese, allows users to access files that were uploaded and downloaded directly by using the smart phone and stored within the cloud computing without the need to plug your computer desktop or PC and view and watch the content on any wall, wherever he was going through the device's screen touch.

The device comes with the mouse and wireless keyboard small depending on the model, as well as that provider by several outlets, different to connect a wide range of mobile devices from laptops or digital cameras and video and others, including a specific port card "SD" as well as a specific port Bmkro USB.

This device is characterized by small size of 230 grams and dimensions of (90.8 x98.8 x 31.2) mm, which allows its position within the pocket and carried easily anywhere. The device supports the operating system "Windows, and Linux, IBM OS, and Android, and file format" PDF ", video, photos and files Office" PowerPoint, and Office 2003, and 2007 ", as well as play music" MP3. "

The strength of the brightness of this projector provider of technology "DLP" and the system of diode LED 300 ANNECY Omins, and displays the projector screen can be changed in size between 3.5 inches and 150 inches, and up the power of the device's battery to 22000 mA per hour and applies up to 20 thousand hours maximum .

There are different sizes of the projector, there is a style typical "Aigo Projector Cloud PT6316L" and priced at 488 euros, and comes with a tripod "tripod" and the mouse, the class "Aigo Projector Cloud PT6316S" Premium, the regular price of 780 euros, and comes with a "tripod" and keyboard wireless mouse and the company plans to introduce its product first in the Japanese market in late January of next year.

"Google" launches renewable energy projects

Decided to Google the giant American investment amount and the amount of U.S. $ 94 million (about 71.6 million euros) for the Construction of 4 solar power plants clean near the city of "Sacramento", U.S. in collaboration with all of the company "KKR" International Investments company, "Recurrent Energy" leading to the development of generation projects and the provision of clean energy is located near "Sacramento," the capital of California.

According to Google, this is the first project the company's biggest investments in renewable energy in the United States of America, to provide the energy productivity of $ 88 MW, that is, they are able to meet the needs of 13 thousand house of electricity.

Google said that investments in clean energy is part of the company's ongoing initiative in renewable energy less expensive than coal and friendly environment, in order to fully transition to this energy by the year 2030.

And has already contributed in building Google's Bishop 10 thousand house provider of solar panels in the United States of America.

For his part, Axel Martens, Assistant Finance Section Google workers: "We believe in the importance of investing in the renewable energy sector, and we continue to clean energy projects to attract new financial source to help the world to go and move towards a clean energy future and lasting."

The company said it will be completed in full of the three facilities at the beginning of next year, will end with the completion of the Annex IV later in the same year.

The last April that Google announced it would invest a sum of 3.5 million euros in the same sector in collaboration with the company "Capital Stage" German investments to build power plant PV city of Brandenburg an der Havel German state of Brandenburg.



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