Thursday, 1 September 2016

Reasons for wearing the hat when the cook

Not high-hat that covers the head cook a normal ingredient in uniform, all the elements of this hat, including the rise and with it, has a special story.

The tradition of wearing a chef hat to 1727, when it raised the hairs found on the King George II of England in the soup of his anger, punishing all the chefs to shave their heads and wear the cap imposed on them so as not to fall back hair in the food.

He had a hat folds did a number sets, but the French tradition put the figure at a hundred fold, on the grounds that the number of recipes using eggs, at the beginning of the 19th century gave Kerim, the French expert who was working in the kitchens of the Kings and the title of "chef of kings and king of chefs" , he introduced the idea of difference in height between the new chef hats and other owners of large experience. The total height of 18 inches Kerim hat.

Cook uniform consists of: -
Long white hat.
Bib cook.
The old, small alleyway around his neck.
Special shoes.

Trousers and wide to facilitate his movemen.