Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Web browser "Chrome" is superior to rival "Firefox"

Economic report showed that the web browser "Chrome", produced by the "Google" has become a strong competitor for months, a browser "Internet Explorer" which is produced by "Microsoft" after seeing the competition "Firefox" in terms of number of users.

The report, prepared by the Foundation "State Counter" market research that the "Chrome" accounts for 25.69 percent of the market for Internet browsers in the world compared to 25.23 percent for his rival "Firefox" and 40.63 percent for the first browser "Internet Explorer".

Chief Executive of the Foundation "State Counter" Aduhan Colin: "We can look forward to a battle off between (Microsoft) and (Google) in the light of the pace of growth (Chrome), which indicates that it will become a competitor for (Internet Explorer) at the global level."

The "Google" has offered the "Chrome" browser in 2008, the only major growing rapidly thanks to the good reputation superiority in speed and stability. In November (November 2009) was a global market share of 4.66 percent.

Social networking for pets in Germany

Achieved a new social network aimed at pet only popular in Germany.

Web site to allow pet owners to upload pictures of their animals like a dog "Julius" is shown by the works or spider "Fraolaan Meyer," who wrote on his comment says, "This was really delicious locusts."

Runs first, Dr. Website, which provides web visitors with information and useful tips in the world of pets. Was recorded about 30 thousand of pet owners themselves on the site since its launch in August last year. And plans to provide the site application smart phone.

Flash memory at high speed and large storage capacity

Put "Kingston Digital" flash memory "Data Traveler Hyper X 3.0", designed for users seeking performance and gamers.

This is the memory of the fastest types of memory and the largest capacity you develop company Kingston. And help the velocities of large users in the flash memory to store their files at high speed without having to delete any file as a result of the memory is full Adopt new memory structure with 8 channels with the latest port-USB USB 3.0, enabling it to transfer data very quickly up to 225 MB per second for read and 135 MB per second for writing, which leads to a reduction of time required to open and modify files on the memory or copy large files and applications from and to, and the high write speed of memory allows the user to deal with large files or applications directly from memory without any delay, especially with a port USB 3.0.

Provide a new memory capacities ranging between 32 and 128 and 256 GB, and can be a memory flash capacity of 256 GB of storage contents of 10 tablets of the kind of Blueray (capacity disk Blueray 25 GB), or the contents of 54 CD-DVD (capacity of a DVD at 4.7 GB), or 48 A file MP3 (the size of each file up to 4 MB), or 13.5 million files about the type of Microsoft Word have different formats and graphic cliche normal.

Featuring flash memory DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 solid and elegant design together, and durability due to the use of a metal structure surrounded by rubber, as well as a loop to connect with a series of keys, and thus the user can take this memory with him wherever he went easily. And has a flash memory DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 guarantee for 5 years, and technical support around the clock seven days a week, as well as reliability, which is famous all Kingston products.

"Google" reveals a new tool for competition "Facebook"

In what is considered the beginning of the outbreak of war between the "Google" and "Facebook" in the means of social communication, announced the "Google" on Thursday for the service, "Weiss Velind Mae" to the new social network "Google Plus."

For as long as privacy in social networking is controversial to many analysts and users as it has been criticized in particular locations at a conference of the Federal Trade Commission, which was held in Washington on Thursday. At the conference stressed Advisor product "Google Plus" Benjamin spinalgia, the new service differs from "Facebook" it became aware of the issue of privacy since the beginning of the planning tool circles "Sirclz" and to choose the department you want when you add each update or write something new with the possibility of choosing more than one constituency in the same update.

He spinalgia that the service is addressed to these departments in the belief that the person has his life on a community represented by people in the family, friends or work colleagues and groups opposed to the "Facebook" exists but is not flexible, full as it exists in the "Google Plus" when identifying people in each group as well as the transfer from group to another.

The Chairperson of the Privacy Policy in the "Facebook" Irene songs, that the service is doing enough to ensure the privacy of its users provided their pages as a new feature provides instant notifications of friends actively on the site and allow them to remove these notifications.

The two companies "Facebook" and "Google" the settlement of lawsuits filed against it by the Federal Trade Commission to penetrate the privacy of their employees.