Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Web browser "Chrome" is superior to rival "Firefox"

Economic report showed that the web browser "Chrome", produced by the "Google" has become a strong competitor for months, a browser "Internet Explorer" which is produced by "Microsoft" after seeing the competition "Firefox" in terms of number of users.

The report, prepared by the Foundation "State Counter" market research that the "Chrome" accounts for 25.69 percent of the market for Internet browsers in the world compared to 25.23 percent for his rival "Firefox" and 40.63 percent for the first browser "Internet Explorer".

Chief Executive of the Foundation "State Counter" Aduhan Colin: "We can look forward to a battle off between (Microsoft) and (Google) in the light of the pace of growth (Chrome), which indicates that it will become a competitor for (Internet Explorer) at the global level."

The "Google" has offered the "Chrome" browser in 2008, the only major growing rapidly thanks to the good reputation superiority in speed and stability. In November (November 2009) was a global market share of 4.66 percent.