Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Algeria does not drink the water 35 years ago and his condition baffled doctors

Although water is the only thing you can not living to do without it, the young Algerian baffled everyone, especially doctors; because he did not drink water for more than three decades.

Algerian young man, aged 35 years, and nicknamed Balmknasa, runs a popular cafe in the city of Mulberry Square Blida; does not like drinking water at all, to the extent that he felt sick when forced to drink it.

The Meknassi seem more vital and active, do not show signs of dryness in the skin or eyes, according to the newspaper "Sunrise" of Algeria.

Meknassi says the newspaper, said that since his childhood and he does not remember to drink water only rarely, but more than that he does not like juice or drink only soft drinks.

He added that although he did not show symptoms of illness, was forced after the strong insistence of his mother to go to the doctor and the analysis necessary to detect this.

The Meknassi that went to the lab (laboratory); where the doctor asked him to drink a liter and a half liters of radioactive water to examine it, adding that he had swallowed a dose of water by force, but the surprise is that the rays did not show anything in the abdomen, the doctor perplexed.

But young Algerian said he removed his surprise when he asked permission to go out and return and when he returned he brought with him a bottle of soft drink to drink two liters a single dose, his stomach bulged and complete physician examination, including a wonder seen.

He says the young phenomenon that is consumed in the day with his small family 6 liters of soft drinks, revealing that soft drinks are usually inherited from relatives since he was small, and it does not complain of any bidder is unhealthy. He thanked the Creator for that.