Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Beware of the electric cigarette

Electric cigarettes are not an effective way to quit smoking. He assured the Federal Centre for Health Education in Cologne, western Germany, that quitting requires a modification of behavior, which is not achieved by the so-called electric cigarettes. And the combination of these types of cigarettes, ITC explained that it consists of a cover and an electric battery and atomizer and cartridge removable and installation to refill a cigarette, as well as it produces smoke is inhaled during use.

The Federal Center that cigarettes may cause electrical damage to health as well; because they contain - in addition to nicotine drugs - a group of toxic substances or carcinogens.

States that it is difficult for cigarette smokers electrical evaluation of these health risks are clear; because the components do not appear clearly on the cover of the package. It is also not known whether the resulting smoke was dangerous or not.