Saturday, 24 December 2011

Scientists reveal how the infiltration of the virus, "AIDS" of the cell nucleus

Scientists from Britain, said the HIV (AIDS) enters the nucleus of the cell through the cell adhesion protein and that this is the only way in which the virus penetrates through the pores that bind within the cell nucleus around.

They said that the disclosure of this fact strengthens the hopes of combating the virus because the knowledge of how the penetration of the cell nucleus can do something against him.

And often up the virus to the human body through the blood or sperm, then up into the cell through the outer membrane, but that is not enough to infect the body as it needs to configure the virus within the genetic qualities of the total genetic cell they infect. This total is located in the nucleus of the cell genetic. There are within the membrane pores large regulated stream of particles inside the cell and out of them.

The new study is that the team of researchers under the supervision of Towers discovered that the virus protein called protein "Kabsid" stick first protein "Nob 358" in cell so that it can access through the pores of the nucleus to the final goal. The researchers said the viruses that the protein "Kabsid rate" so he could not correlation with protein "Nob 358" can not multiply in immune cells, that is, if possible, block the interaction between the protein "Kabsid" and protein "Nob 358" of the cell body, it is possible reveal a new weapon to combat this virus, which infects the immune system of the body.

But the scientists stressed the lack of the possibility of developing a new drug based on the idea of ​​the study and this study is still in its early stages, and the idea that the drugs currently used against the AIDS virus to attack at several different positions. Some of these drugs are trying to prevent the infiltration of the virus to the cell and some are trying to prevent its integration into the total genetic cell. And are often linked to different drugs in the treatment of "AIDS."

The number of people living with "AIDS" in the world the end of 2010 some 34 million patients, according to the United Nations to fight the "AIDS" where about 68 percent (22.9 million patients) of them in sub-Saharan West Africa.

He died about 1.8 million people infected last year by the "AIDS" while prevented the drugs used in treatment without the death of about 700 thousand others, according to the United Nations to fight the "AIDS."