Friday, 23 December 2011

Five bases gold mother breastfeeds her baby

Nowadays, it has become difficult to find the mother to breastfeed her child, under the conditions of life, especially if the mother is working and that breastfeeding carries with it the requirements is difficult and requires a sabbatical may be difficult to secure permanent.

So the mother asked to see more and Culture to take the right decision and know that it is not true to say that there be unable to breast-feeding mothers, the lack of milk in women. This is one of the common misconceptions as to the production of milk in a woman's body begins in pregnancy to be ready to breastfeed after half an hour of birth, and increases the production of breast milk only repeated the child. The factory is given a bottle of milk and mitigation of lactation not only contribute in reducing the amount of breast milk in the mother.

Any mother can breastfeed her baby without a problem or discomfort or fatigue, contrary to the rumors about what causes breast pain, according to the specialist in the affairs of breast-Shatti, which confirms the absence of excuses for not breastfeeding because breast milk distinguished its benefits to the mother and children and riches components of food available at all or provided that keen on the continuity of production continuity of breastfeeding.

When milk production begins in the mother's body?

Starting cells responsible for milk production growth in the first stages of pregnancy, what explains the increase in the size of breasts and convert them to become more solid. Note that this is happening to all women in pregnancy. In the fifth or seventh month of pregnancy may be produced Allaba (Alkoloström). The milk, breastfeeding, natural composition, Vintage after 3 or 5 days of the situation, if the mother breastfeeds her baby regularly and consistently. Therefore, it is advisable to begin the mother breastfeed her baby immediately after birth, does not have to wait days to show the milk.

Is there a means to allow a certain amount of milk to increase the body's natural mother to breastfeed her child in great amounts?

There are five golden rules must be emphasized to the mother breastfeeds her child effectively and a major increase milk supply has, a

• Start breastfeeding immediately after birth and frequently: You must start the mother breastfeed her baby after half an hour of the situation, that is fed by 10 times or 12 per day during the three or five days after birth to get to B, nutritious milk. During the first and second weeks, the mother breastfeeds her child 8 or 10 times a day, 6 or 8 times a day beyond. As the frequent feeding of the child in the first days after birth helps to stabilize the mother's milk supply and increase it.

• Avoid giving the child a bottle of milk and Popsicle: enough to give the Child 30 ml of hot drinks, water or milk to the factory stock is affected by the mother negatively. It's also best not to give the child a popsicle because they limit the weight of a child who suckle from the mother and reduce the stock of mother milk.

• Breastfeeding a child when his request is not based on a certain timing: as much as the mother breastfeeds her child more, increase their milk supply.

• Do not prolong the period between the date of breastfeeding and the last more than 4 hours: You should not continue the interval between feeding and the other more than 4 hours because the milk back into the blood and then back down quantity.

• Breastfeeding should not be painful: You must ensure the health and status of the child when breastfeeding and to be his way of absorption of sound even breastfeeding does not hurt the mother.

- When the cause breast pain?

Suffer when the mother breast-feeding when the baby's position is incorrect and wrong way of absorption, and does not cover his mouth when the entire nipple, which hurts the mother does not allow him to obtain a sufficient quantity of milk at the same time.

- What are the most appropriate position to feed the child?

Mother should sit at ease in her back and her legs and arms and is keen to have her facing her and does not need to move his head to be able to breast-feeding should not there be a vacuum or space between them and the baby, so baby's abdomen touching the mother's abdomen.

- Is the child needs to vitamins as well as breastfeeding?

Breast milk provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the child. But it is enough that the baby is exposed to sunlight for a short period each day for the need of vitamin "d". Mother who is breastfeeding her child is able to properly secure all its needs without the need to milk factory.

- What is the amount of water needed by the child to the breast?

Mother's milk contains 83 per cent of it on the water, and therefore does not require the child to drink extra water until reaching the age of 6 months.

- You can only just taken up the child for milk in the early days?

Does not exceed the child's ability to eat the equivalent of 4 tablespoons of milk with equal amount of milk in the early days in the mother 7.4 tablespoons a day and a half teaspoon or a spoon every time the fed or 30 ml per day.

- Tells a lot about the importance of milk in the early days of the child, what benefits?

Milk holds several advantages for the digestive system and provides protection from allergies and colic and jaundice. It also highlights the importance of the riches with antibiotics.