Friday, 23 December 2011

I understand plastic surgery before they

Should be on patients who want cosmetic surgery procedure to clarify all stages of the process from the doctor before the elections. She explained the German Society for Plastic Surgery in the capital Berlin that the doctor must inform the patients on several things before being subjected to surgery, including essential treatments before and after the surgery and the risks of surgery, as well as potential therapeutic alternative.

So should those who wish, for example in surgery to liposuction to know that he must reach a certain weight before surgery, as well as the need to quit smoking and dispensed from eating certain kinds of medicines.

The surgeon should also inform patients of possible consequences after surgery, such as wound healing disorders or injury Btormat last for a long time. If the doctor entertained a doubt about anything before the surgery, he must then be advised patients not to take place.

Finally, the German Society advises patients need to tell the doctor if they feel they did not discuss everything in detail and with him enough.