Friday, 30 December 2011

Japanese company launches first projector works cloud computing

Has released "Exemode" Japanese specialized in the manufacture of electronic devices, especially digital cameras, based in Tokyo, the first projector "Biko" is directly connected to the computing cloud storage, and called it "Aigo Projector Cloud".

This is related to the device directly - through technology "WLAN" - ISP and cloud computing through the company "Dream Train Internet" Japanese, allows users to access files that were uploaded and downloaded directly by using the smart phone and stored within the cloud computing without the need to plug your computer desktop or PC and view and watch the content on any wall, wherever he was going through the device's screen touch.

The device comes with the mouse and wireless keyboard small depending on the model, as well as that provider by several outlets, different to connect a wide range of mobile devices from laptops or digital cameras and video and others, including a specific port card "SD" as well as a specific port Bmkro USB.

This device is characterized by small size of 230 grams and dimensions of (90.8 x98.8 x 31.2) mm, which allows its position within the pocket and carried easily anywhere. The device supports the operating system "Windows, and Linux, IBM OS, and Android, and file format" PDF ", video, photos and files Office" PowerPoint, and Office 2003, and 2007 ", as well as play music" MP3. "

The strength of the brightness of this projector provider of technology "DLP" and the system of diode LED 300 ANNECY Omins, and displays the projector screen can be changed in size between 3.5 inches and 150 inches, and up the power of the device's battery to 22000 mA per hour and applies up to 20 thousand hours maximum .

There are different sizes of the projector, there is a style typical "Aigo Projector Cloud PT6316L" and priced at 488 euros, and comes with a tripod "tripod" and the mouse, the class "Aigo Projector Cloud PT6316S" Premium, the regular price of 780 euros, and comes with a "tripod" and keyboard wireless mouse and the company plans to introduce its product first in the Japanese market in late January of next year.