Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Iron high flexibility

Japan researchers designed alloy steel high flexibility can be used in advanced heart surgery and brain in the construction of buildings, an earthquake zone.

The researchers pointed out that the high flexibility of the metal to allow him back into shape and provide him with additional attributes such as flexibility and change in the magnetic stress and the rate of alloy steel is nearly twice the rate of nickel and titanium can be used stents are placed in the tubes of blood vessels to prevent obstruction.

The T. Aomori researcher at the Faculty of Engineering at Tohoku University and a member of the research team, that the rate of stress is very high in the alloy and therefore can be converted to a very high wire he can access the internal part of the body like the brain to the stent. Aomori and added that high-iron alloy flexibility may also be used for buildings in areas prone to earthquakes and earthquake distorts the buildings, but alloy high flexibility to return the buildings to its origin.