Thursday, 11 March 2010

Natural Gas

Natural Gas:-
One of the alternative energy sources for oil fuels high-efficiency low-cost, low-emissions pollute the environment, natural gas energy supplier for the initial task of Chemical Industry.

Since ancient times people observed in several places in the world, such as Dagestan, Turkmenistan, on the Caspian Sea, in the home of the Red Indians of North America Oblac mountains of fire "burning down and coming out of the ground did not know then that that is what is now known as the" natural gas. "
Was used, "natural gas" in "China" as a fuel since 250 AD, and in the seventeenth century was used for heating and lighting in the north of "Italy", as used for street lighting in England in the eighteenth century AD, but was often treated exhaust . Old and could not be moved or stored, which led to its use in areas close to the fields of production, and with a significant growth in the manufacture of "oil" in the nineteenth and twenty-treated "natural gas" outside with the "oil" exhaust and it is usually burned, Now the burning "natural gas" criminal law in many countries of the world.

Consists of natural gas from the plankton, which micro-organisms include algae and the initial died and accumulated in the layers of the oceans and land, and Andguett remains under layers of sediment. And across the millennia, pressure and temperature resulting from a transfer of these sedimentary layers of organic material to natural gas, natural gas does not vary much from DO in the other fossil fuels such as coal and oil.
After forming out in the earth's crust leaking natural gas and oil slowly to the pits small porous rocks that are nearby warehouses to save the raw, and because these rocks are usually filled with water, oil and natural gas - both lighter than water and less dense than the surrounding rock - they move up through the earth's crust over long distances sometimes.

Global reserves of natural gas:-

It is clear that global demand for gas has accelerated greatly exceeded the capacity of many countries to develop the means of production, consistent with the rates of increase in demand, which increases by 3% annually, creating a multiplier applied by the producing countries and consuming countries and in parallel, this led to the cumulative global consumption of natural gas to more than 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas until 2010, and is expected to increase global demand for the 160 trillion cubic feet until 2030.
And reach the total natural gas reserves in the world - according to figures in 2005 - for about 6112 trillion cubic feet, and the largest reserves of natural gas in the world, in Russia Federation, the amount of U.S. 1680 trillion cubic feet.

Gas production and processing:-

Extract natural gas from wells similar to oil wells there are a lot of gas concentrations at a distance from the beach and transport gas from tube production platforms to the assembly point bordering on the beach and then to the refinery where purified. In the first stage of purification, water continues to Wye other means of gas by gravity then passes through the dry gas cooler where Itsel propane and collecting. And marketed as liquefied petroleum gas as raw materials for the manufacture of chemicals or bottled fuel for heaters and cooking stoves in the home. What is left of natural gas can be pumped through the supply network, or converted to liquid-cooled, pressure, and marketed as liquefied natural gas flow.

Forms of presence of natural gas:-

1-Non-Associated Gases.
2-Associated Gases.
3-Industrial and commercial gas:Inert Gas,Acid Gas,Natural Gas Liquids,Liquefied Natural Gas,
Liquefied Petroleum Gas,Natural Gasoline,Condensate.