Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Robot Technology

Robots: -
machine is able to carry out operations of pre-programmed. The robot completed these events either at the instigation and direct control of the rights or at the instigation of the software.

The word robot was introduced for the first time in a play by Czech playwright Karl Chapik in 1920. The title of the play and then robots Global. It means in the Czech language of hard work,Experts and engineers succeeded in providing a variety of automated systems for many industries. Because of the enormous development of computers and artificial intelligence techniques, Man on the verge of major breakthroughs in space science by robots.

Overview of the robot automation:-

There is controversy about the precise definition of robot is no other car or plane with a remote control robot, because it lacks a way of thinking and decision-making itself, and provides some example that if the robots can be carried out pre-established program moves away from the barrier two steps back, for example, the trend to the right or left and continue to progress, this can be considered a real robot, there are many types of robots, including those used in the industrial sector, which is an automated devices can be adapted and re-programmed and used for many purposes, can the movement of three or more axes and using this type of companies the major industrial minerals for the purpose of meat, and some forms of robots that is capable of movement and leadership, including the unmanned aircraft (instrument flight), Albraidator and aircraft self-control using artificial neural networks, for example, which is Alansaltan sent by NASA in 2004 to the surface of Mars months, the Robert animation.

There are robots that is able to reassemble itself in a semi-autonomous, for example, shrinking its size to pass through a narrow tunnel and this Alansen automation in the model contains many links with the CPU, memory, and receivers able to have some of these movements, similar to rubber to contain on a flexible, There are also types of robots are household chores, and children learn and play chess. This type of robot referred to as social robot, we can say that the robot is a device or machine that could replace rights in some situations. Morphology depends on the task that was made for.

The idea of robots in ancient history:-

Roots robot modern, automatic equipment was invented in the distant past and called it "self-propelled machines." In the era of the ancient Egyptians around 1500 BC there was a statue of the king Memnon Isdrosouatta beautiful in the morning. In Greece - in the fourth century BC. M. - Invented Orkitas mathematician, Dove mechanism could fly. In the third century BC, invented many devices Stisebeos mechanism, including a musical instrument resembling an organ-water and water clock.
In Europe in the Middle Ages, philosophers interested Vajnos Albert and Roger Bacon's great interest in machinery movement, but some of them do well. The invention of the time the mechanism in the late thirteenth century, to supply machinery self-propelled mechanical force necessary, and so could be the invention of the clock bells ringing to announce the time. In the eighteenth century, toy makers produced a large number of self-propelled machines which were in human form and can talk and play music and write and even play chess.

George the robot:-

George was one of the first robot that have emerged. George led the aircraft most of the time, it's autopilot was invented by electrical engineer Elmer Sperry Sperry, founder of the Hi and the model was the first automatic pilot is connected with the magnetic compass device for reading and a rise indicates the direction in which the plane, and leave the responsibility for human pilots fly to George the robot, and once to stabilize the plane in the right direction for her, and notes any change George vertical or horizontal flight and take corrective action immediately.
In 1954 designed the first industrial robot was the name of its inventor, George, too, was designed by architect George Difol.

Robot movement:-

Legs of the robot contains advanced in some cases more than 40 sensor and the mechanical device and the sensors continuously measure the pressure distribution on the legs hanging has been in the industry in 2004 robot legs can be attached to the legs of Rights to help transform ordinary human steps to giant steps quickly and without making muscular effort of man, was named this invention the external structure and mud weighing about 50 kg.
The robot is to coordinate the steps in steps Rights simulates a very complex process and it would be easier to use wheels instead of legs, Alansalat types of sophisticated use of moving legs and SIGMO robot QRIO robot and robot ASIMO.

The tradition of the most difficult leg of the tradition of human human hand, and the main problems that correspond to the problem of robot-makers balance, it is best to have a robot four legs instead of two. The idea of production machinery can walk and move the idea of recent. He used some of them over the years in agricultural operations and drilling. Among the most famous of these machines moving truck with four legs produced by General Electric Company of the U.S. Army, and controls the driver in the truck to move his hands and legs legs that connect the truck.

Types of robot:-

The robot can be divided according to their respective characteristics and the target which was prepared for it. Robot may be designed to perform specific work in high-precision, or a certain number of work but less precisely, and can of course be re-programmed robot to perform different or pursuant to act in a manner different from what it had to do, if its central permit. For example, can modify a task the robotic arm used in the factories of metal cutting to the assembled, welded, Tchigaha, pregnancy, or even to become a machine used in the passenger entertainment of visitors to the factory, while robots load and transport it can be modified only to the compilation of its Printed Circuit Board .

Advantages and disadvantages of the robot:-

Robot offers several advantages including, for example: greater productivity, effective use of the equipment, low labor costs, improved flexibility, work is done in a shorter time, flexibility and ease of programming, the ability to work in hazardous conditions, improved quality of premises and production, investment returns good, better precision in performance.
Have a number of shortcomings and deficiencies, such as unemployment, manual workers and a lot of technical problems as the other use. Especially in the fields of artificial intelligence or machine vision.

In the cinema and science fiction to imagine a robot probability of a threat to the future of rights because of artificial intelligence, but on the ground, the danger resulting from the Artificial Intelligence is almost non-existent due to the fact that research in this area is still at the stage of beginning. However, the use of these systems on the robot war or give the controls on the equipment may pose a serious threat to human life, regardless of how the development of intelligent systems Alistai them. The existing application.