Friday, 26 August 2016

Mistakes practiced by the women daily cause breast cancer

Usually practiced by the women daily cause breast cancer Breast cancer has spread recently dramatically on a global scale, in which a lot of women have been injured and caused their deaths, where scientific studies have proven that there Mistakes practiced by the women a day were the cause of the spread of breast cancer dramatically and make 25% of women infected and die in our time Madam presently know them.

 First: Spray odor (sweat), which we use daily to reduce the smell of sweat, which contain a substance Aldieudoran which is composed of aluminum salts which lead to the growth of the tumor in the breast.

Second: bra There are several doctors agreed to wear a bra narrow chest may slow the work of the lymphatic system by clicking on the blood, thus causing breast cancer.

Women must beware of this bad habit that may cause this serious disease and injury breast cancer.