Monday, 22 February 2010

Automatic teller Technologies

Automated teller machine:-
is a computer and telecommunications that provide customers with financial institutions to obtain financial transactions in public places without the need for a human bank teller or writer.
Using the ATM, customers can access their bank accounts to make cash withdrawals, and check account balances.

Date of automatic teller machine:-

The beginning of invention of the automated teller machine in New York while the Luther W. Simjian invented in 1939 and installed at the Citibank, but the machine was removed after 6 months because of lack of acceptance of the idea of customers. Subsequently did not raise the idea machine again after more than 25 years what has happened, De La Rue has launched the first ATM-mail, has been installed in the town of Enfield, a city in north London on June 27, 1967 by Barclays Bank. The John Shepherd - Baron is the first invented the ATM machine to electronic for Barclays Bank, although there was a lot of patents registered to other inventors at the same time.

Story teller machine invention:-

The problem of John Shepherd - Barron when he wanted to invent the machine that he could not get the money for a holiday Saturday and Sunday in addition to that there was a holiday on the occasion of that particular time, given the urgent need for money in the bank leave days when crystallized the idea that John was entitled: Bank Open 24 hours 7 days a week. John went to meet with the Director of the bank, which employs "Barclays" to view the new idea, when he heard the request of the Director of the idea that John turning it into a machine or machine easy to use and therefore it will buy this machine alien immediately. John has been busy for a full year trying to invent this machine until the eventual achievement of a model first ATM was announced in 1967 with the opening of the Barclays Bank automated open around the clock.

Automated teller machine contains a number of parts of the most important:-

- The central processing unit (to control the machine).
- Card Mmguetp or chips (given a choice to the client).
- Between Bad, a part similar to the calculator and often made as part of the machine.
- Screen and LCD are frequently subject to touch.
-Unit cash is disbursed.
- Unit print Journal.
- Unit notifications.
- Unit read cards.
- The unit deposits.
- Unit envelopes.
- Alankereptur (for cipher).
- Panel of honor.

The benefits of ATM Machine:-

-Customers can access their bank accounts to withdraw money.
- Monitoring of account balances.
- The opportunity to deposit cash or checks.
- Transfer of funds between bank accounts.
- Pay the bills.
- Procurement of goods and services.