Thursday, 25 February 2010

The definition of technology in our lives

in its wider sense as "scientific knowledge and engineering management with which to design, development, production and distribution of materials and services are different."

The common perception of the term is the use of computer technology and modern appliances, and this view of limited vision, the computer is a consequence of technology.
If we want to divide the Technology to types of pages we want to many because they are innumerable.

For example, not limitation in the fields of Technology
Technologies computer, satellite, information, communications, automotive, aircraft, nuclear medicine, engineering, oil,transportation, agriculture, education, health, trade, scientific research, weapons, Homeland Security.....Etc.

The importance of Technology:-

Technology double-edged sword(Useful and bad).

I will mention in my latest news coming Technological World, and I hope that I have been successful in view the definition of Thise Blog.