Friday, 26 February 2010

Aircraft Technologies

Definition of the plane:-
the vehicle is heavier than air engine can fly in the air depending on the lifting force generated on the wings.

Modern aircraft, ranging between aircraft with light weight and which do not weigh more than 46 kg and designed to move the pilot only, super jumbo aircraft and capable of carrying several hundred passengers, or several hundreds of tons of cargo, and weighs approximately 454 tons of aircraft.

It is sometimes the creation of ad hoc aircraft to use, currently no such thing as aircraft ground (which takes off from the earth, landing directly on the ground) and Navy aircraft (planes taking off and landing to and from the water) and amphibious aircraft (which can take off and landing either on land or water) and aircraft take-off and vertical landing, taking off as a result pay gas jet engine roller or rotary wings (ie the motor change direction so that the blowing gas to the bottom or suite that is going on centered around the term so that the engines for higher pay instead of being ahead) After take-off depends on the airline by its wings.

Types of aircraft:-

Aircraft can be classified according to several aspects:-
According to use:
Military or civilian, save or shipping.
According to task:
Reconnaissance aircraft, transport, research and so on.
By design:
Delta-wing aircraft of any triangular shape.
Aircraft wing is similar Almtheltip.
Aircraft aerodynamics.
Helicopters of all kinds.
Jet Almavuq Almatan and audio.
Paid rotary aircraft engines.
Unmanned aircraft such as Boeing X - 45.

Months fighter aircraft:-Offensive fighter (Mirage 2000),Fighter-bomber (F - 4) Phantom,
Fighter interceptor (F - 14) Tomcat,Fighter interceptor (F - 15) Eagle,Offensive aircraft (F - 16) Falcon,Interceptor aircraft (F - 18) Hornet,Medium-range bomber (F - 111).....Etc.
B-52 military aircraft the largest aircraft in the world.
Months of civil aircraft:-Concorde,Boeing 707,Boeing 727,Boeing 747 (jumbo),Airbus 300,Airbus 310.........Etc.

Largest civil aircraft in the world, Airbus A-380.