Friday, 26 February 2010

The Electricity

Static electricity in our daily lives
Forms of electricity in our daily lives:-

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of electricity is electricity-Mode which apply in the electrical wires, which are found in dry batteries, but there are no other electricity Ismmi static electricity or static electricity, which U very different ways in our daily lives, and therefore conclude that there two types of electricity.
1 - static electricity (static) 2 - Electricity-Mode (Dynamic)

Electrifying Ways:-

Electrifying massage:-

It happens when you massage massage Alabonet leg of a piece of wool, they acquire a negative charge (-) or massage at a piece of glass with silk, they acquire a positive charge (+) and can experience when massage balloon with a piece of wool, it will adhere to surfaces of different.

Electrifying effect:-

And occurs when the body charged almost a given electrical shipment of the body other than where we note charged that the body has become fraught with other without touching the body first
A specific example of this in everyday life where we note that the lightning bolt descending from the clouds to the ground occur without contact between the clouds and the ground.

Electrifying Touch:-

This happens when the kind of electrifying charged object comes into contact with the body other than the charged.

The use of electricity in our daily lives:-

Without electricity, many people suffer hardship in reaching their place of work, and in the grocery shopping, and communicate with each other.

Very briefly considered the backbone of electricity all organs of various kinds operate on electricity.

To keep the power candle illuminates our lives