Saturday, 27 February 2010

Car Technology

The car one of the means of transport and communications in the world.
Before people have a car, they are walking or riding bicycles for short distances. The long-distance travel is mostly by train or some sort of horse-drawn carts or beauty.
Can be attributed the origin of the car to Europe. But in fact, become the most important means of transport in the United States first. Most European cars are hand-made, and was very expensive, was only the rich who can afford it. In the early twentieth century, both the Ransm Eli Olds and Henry Ford and other pioneers of mass production of cars.

The auto industry and one of the most important industries in the world; it can produce more than 30 million vehicles annually. Produces the United States and Japan together about half the world's production of cars. One of the most other countries that produce cars, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
Caused car broad areas of work, and added many benefits to everyday life. But also brought many problems; has created problems of noise and pollution. States suffer that do not have auto industry, economic problems caused by the high cost of imported cars. On the other hand, has become a vehicle accident, one of the most serious problems in the present time.

The importance of car:-

Impact of the development cars huge impact on the lifestyle of people in most parts of the world. Perhaps there has been no invention or discovery provides further technical effect in the community bigger and faster than the invention of the car,Especially in the social and economic sphere.

History of the car :-

First car: in the late eighteenth century, the development of steam engines progressed rapidly in Europe. The inventors dream of "a vehicle without a horse"; any vehicle can run on its ability of self. It seemed to them that the steam power source is desired.
Steam car: The Nicholas Joseph, a military engineer Kojno Gaul, establishing the first two vehicles Matete movement in 1769, in 1770. One has been designed to transport passengers, while the other designed a three-wheeled motor tractor to drag the defender.
The electric car: electric car was initially more successful than the steam cars. The supply capacity mediated by the batteries. And met with electric cars quickly gained popularity because it was quiet, and easy to operate and free of smelly fumes, and in 1900, sales amounted to 38% of all car sales. But the batteries used to limit the speed or the distance that can be traveled. Was a small number of electric cars can go faster than 32 kilometers per hour, and had to be recharged at least every 80 kilometers.

Car engine oil. Created the car that we know at the present time on the development of internal combustion engine. The internal combustion engines, the first working gas. In 1820 and designed by British inventor William Cecil engine run explosion mixture of hydrogen and air. In 1838, made another British inventor William Barnett, an engine fuel mixture pressure, and in 1895, made Michelin, a company France for the rubber industry, the first filled with pneumatic tires for use in cars, many people believed that the car has become a means of transport by the invention process internal combustion engine first, and develop the framework antenna.

Important dates in the automotive world:-

In 1770
Filled Nicolas Joseph Kojno successful three-wheel motor vehicles.
In 1860
Jean-Joseph developed Eitan Lenoir combustion engine fed by coal gas.
In 1865
Germany have succeeded Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz in the development of engine oil of the type used in the present time.
In 1887
Magnus Falk making English the first electric car.
93-1894 m
Making the brothers Charles and Frank Doryay the first successful American car, engine driven oil.
In 1896
Produced by Henry Ford and Charles Brady King, Ransm Eli Olds and Alexander and Linton run their cars with gasoline.
In 1896
DaimlerChrysler was created in England for making cars acquitted of excellence with the origin of France from Germany.
In 1897
Syndicate commenced vehicles without horses making their first Australian run a car engine oil, and is a car "Pioneer."
In 1904
Turao Yamaba making Japan's first car was run known steam.
In 1906
Produced by Rolls-Royce in England model "Silver Joost."
In 1913
Phil Caldwell company manufactured the first car to run the Australian four-wheel drive for use in rugged areas.
In 1926
The former Soviet Union produced its first passenger car called the "Nami -1"
In 1938
Started producing model car Volkswagen "beetle" and became the car with the longest production period at all, it lasted until the late eighties.
In 1959
Started to produce the most successful British car, a model "Mini" with front-wheel drive management. Were sold for more than five million cars.
In the eighties
The Japanese occupied the first position in the automotive industry in the world. It produced more than nine million cars in 1989, this is equivalent to almost one-third of global production.
In 1998
Chrysler merged with Daimler and the U.S. - to be a German-Benz Daimler - Chrysler giant.

The age of cars:-

Production cars. Car production increased significantly during the twenties of the twentieth century. During most of this century have been good working conditions, jobs and abundant. As a result, the number who are able to buy more cars than ever before. The number of drivers because the engineering improvements made cars easier to operate and leadership. It has also contributed to the development of improved methods of using the car as a means of transport.
In spite of the increase in car production in the twenties, but the number of manufacturing companies. The large companies reduced their profits in order to increase sales. But those companies are no longer able to continue to work, with the exception of companies that can produce many cars and sell them quickly.

Will be tomorrow's cars, most likely, with increasing fuel efficiency and less pollution. Will also continue to internal combustion engines, is likely to provide most-powered cars, and will control systems programmed computer functions is increasing steadily in tomorrow's cars, computers will play an increasing role also in the creation of tomorrow's cars, from design to engineering and the end of the assembly. It will also be buying cars and maintenance of computer-programmed more and more, will prevent the driver's steering system installed a system where the electronic devices and control in the way indi each other. This will allow the movement of traffic was heavier, as it would relieve the congestion. However, the system likely initial application will only pass on information to the driver about road conditions and traffic patterns prevailing in front of him.

Finally, some types of global automotive:-

Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Caprice, Corvette, Yukon, Camry, Jaguar, Mercury, Infiniti, Opel, Hyundai, Toyota,......Etc.