Thursday, 25 March 2010

Laser Rays

is an abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation means amplify light emitting stimulated emission is a beam of photons involved in the frequency and wavelength match to occur the phenomenon of constructive interference between the waves into a light-pulse high-energy.

Date of Laser:-

Laser was invented in 1960 and since then, as it is everywhere, and a tool in thousands of applications are extremely diverse in every section of modern society, including consumer electronics, information technology, science, medicine, industry, law enforcement, first application of lasers visible in the daily life of the general population was the supermarket barcode scanner, introduced in 1974, in 1982, entered in laser printers.

Parts of the laser:-

(1) the center of the laser beam product.
(2) electrical energy to stimulate the center on the version of light waves.
(3) of the light reflector (mirror) high performance.
(4) lens exit beam may be flat Ouadsp concave.
(5) the laser beam output.

Types of laser:-

1-Gas laser.
2-Liquid Laser.
3-Semiconductor lasers.
4-Neodymium-yag aser.

Laser applications:-

1-Laser is currently used in various fields Castamalha in CD and in the electronics industry and accurately measuring the distances - especially the dimensions of space objects - and in communications. Lasers are also used to address some eye diseases where it is shed a laser beam of high-energy in the form of flashes at a certain point in the eye for a short time - less than a second.
2-Laser is used in surgical procedures such as brain surgery, heart and vascular and general surgery. In 1960 invented a device called the laser radiation and a single color, direction, and can be focused with a high degree mediated by a convex lens.
3-In the industry used in industry to cut steel plates, up plate thickness of 3 cm. They have the advantage cut meticulously directed, where the laser-mediated computer.
4-Of the applications of laser welding and active solids and materials that have a high degree of fusion with the franchise because of the precision manufacturing launch of a narrow intense beam focused laser beam can also open a hole diameter of 5 micrometers in 200 microseconds in the most solid materials (such as diamonds, rubies and titanium).
5-Measure distances accurately, whether short or long distances,It is also used in setting specific targets of very.

Types and principles of operation of the laser:-

Laser Gas:-
Many gases are used to produce the laser beam, which is used in many purposes such as (HeNe) and is common in education because of its cost low.
The carbon dioxide laser:-
Are often used in the manufacture of cutting and welding.
Argon-ion laser:-
Depending on the optics and laser tube, and a different number of lines available for use and nitrogen occasional electric discharge in gas at atmospheric pressure.
Chemical laser:-
Powered by a chemical reaction, and can achieve high power in a continuous process.
Solid-state laser:-
Used in the literature for manufactures and their parts, as used in cutting and welding metals.
Semiconductor lasers:-
Is a type of solid state lasers, used for metal cutting and welding and marking of metals and other materials, as well as in spectral analysis and re-pump dye laser, also commonly used at frequencies or wavelengths are different.
Laser Infrared:-
Commonly used pulse spectrum is very short.

Other uses laser:-

Medicine in surgery without blood, and healing laser and surgical treatment, kidney stones, dental - industry, target discrimination, radar, spectroscopy, laser printers, CD-ROMs, scanners barcode, temperature, laser pointers, holograms.