Monday, 1 March 2010

Technologies 2010 mobile phones

Faster, cheaper and contains additional functionality

Mobile phones have become the primary communication means for the user's personal or corporate, shall be revealed and unveiled in 2010 for more features and innovations in the world of mobile phones.
Smart phones and gained a better position in the mobile phone market with larger screens
And their ability to access the Internet at higher speeds.
Says Andy Rubin, who is in the draft operating system "Android" of search engine Google
Famous on the Internet that there are already mobile phones on the market contain chips up
Speed of one gigahertz.
He predicted, saying that "in the near future we will have mobile phones at speeds of 2 processors GHz, which exceeds the speeds of many laptops, "he said, adding that the computer
Is no longer a need to review the e-mail or search for specific information on emergency
Or visit the Web site Facebook for social networking. According to the German Association of TechnologyInformation and telecommunications and new media) Petkom (The number of mobile phones in theGermany will increase this year by 47 percent to 2, 8 million units.
And increased rates of wireless data transmission via mobile phones in Germany four times
Approximately in 2009 to up to forty million GB, hence not surprising that seeks
More mobile phone manufacturers to get a piece of the pie.

The company is hoping the software giant Microsoft to increase its stake in the mobile phone marketThrough the new operating system "Windows 7" for mobile.
The new program appeared for the first time at the World Conference for mobile, which was held recently in the cityBarcelona, Spain, and the advantage of being easier to use than the old version and Windows Mobile 5 t. 6.
This program aims to facilitate the transfer of data and arranged by mobile phone.
Seeks Google's part to compete with Microsoft in the world of mobile phonesDuring the operating system "Android."
Rubin says that one year ago, the use of operating system Android is limited to phone
G 1 (one phone models) HP. T. C (; today, this system became available on the
27 mobile phone in 59 countries).