Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Three dimensional

Three dimensional:-
Is the common name refers to the vacuum, which has three measurements: width, height and depth (or height). In spherical geometry (geometry of three dimensions) is defined as a branch of mathematics looking at the properties of shapes and solids in a vacuum, the ball and the pyramid.

Three-dimensional design programs:-

Programs used for the spatial three-dimensional designs, and multiple use of such programs are used in making movies, and games, engineering, medicine and many of these programs is the most important:-

1-3ds Max or 3D Studio MAX from the company Autodesk and is one of the most important programs and more three-dimensional efficiency and complexity, controlling the finer details of the spatial and is most effective programs with AutoCAD, which is a product of the same company.
2-Autodesk Maya from the company has won the appreciation of designers in terms of efficiency.
3-Blender Blender Foundation of the company and the advantage of this program as free open-source and features that works on most operating systems Windows, Linux, OSX, BSD, SUN, Rex.