Sunday, 20 June 2010

Century technology atheist ten

Housekeeping distance is no longer a distant dream

If I remember you on your way to work that you forget to run the washing machine there is no problem, use your cell phone to send a message to the personal computer which converts it to the washing machine will operate, and if late in the work to become afraid to miss a football match task, broadcast on television, you can send an email to the PC telling him to run the video device and record the game.

These are just examples of a world run by the promise of modern technology scientists gaining a long time and experts say technology is achievable after a few years.

The problems facing the creators of this technology are many. Most wireless and electronics companies competing for a foothold in the future development of Internet usage in isolation from other companies, most of the methods that have been developed to enable electronic devices to connect to an unequal and there is no uniform standards to govern them.

Houses are built in the United States is now equipped with cables transmit information quickly, making it easy to use online home, terraces with Victorian style in London and designs of apartments in Berlin and Rome did not take into account in building technology applications century atheist century. Installation of a refrigerator connected to the Internet thing and connections underground thing quite different. The experts also say that it was illogical to expect the consumer to get rid of the existing hardware has between overnight and equip his home with modern equipment immediately connected to a single computer.

And partial solutions to the problem of connections is to use wireless technology. However, you will have to send the information through a single connection to the computer and the computer can then send the information home appliances wirelessly. This type of wireless communications is now deployed in offices, airports, restaurants and hotels. Some expect the spread in homes but others feel it is too expensive, "Everyone knows that wireless technology is the solution in the future." However, there are health concerns regarding the use of technology such as radio waves on the use of microwave ovens and mobile phones.