Saturday, 15 May 2010

Technologies Spyware

Heard a lot about the technology of espionage and exciting imaginary movies in a personal British spy fiction famous «James Bond 007», created by in 1953, the British author (Ian Fleming), but now IT is no longer spy call laughter, With the technological development astounding and growing that we are witnessing technology has become Spyware is a reality, and went to the advanced stages, and are capable of eavesdropping or filming or track any individual targeted by a number of programs «software», and electronic devices and digital, and can say that if the technology spying in the rapid development of the uncontrolled and, if misused, they may lead humanity to bid farewell to privacy forever.

Recently deployed commercially and online programs «Software» and spy and surveillance and monitoring of movements, voice, photo, and are able to your mobile phone to spy on you, may we read the news agencies, finally, during the month (March) the past, the company «KDDI», Japanese giant, has announced that researchers have developed a new technology for a mobile phone enables managers to spy on their employees and track their whereabouts and precise movements and activities of the walking, climbing stairs and cleaning, and then sends the information obtained to the headquarters of the company or organization interested in knowing such details.

Now, through technology and intelligence, advanced in its various forms and hidden and accuracy of finite, you can monitor and record all movements of personnel, you can now, for example during your absence from home to use this technology to monitor your kids inside or outside the home or monitor a babysitter or control couples without controls and without their knowledge.

Today can any U.S. citizen to know the price, which was sold by his neighbor's house by visiting the web sites, and anyone that looks closely at the backyards of the houses of wealthy people in the world via satellite sites on the Internet.

In the United States, is following more than 75% of employers are doing their staff during office hours, and the hardware specific follow-up record every keystroke on a keyboard computers for work, and recently raised giant Google Inc. of its new «Google Latitude» which allows property tracking Internet users to wirelessly according to the will of the user, of course, the service «Latitude» allows the user via computer or cell phone to inform his friends of his whereabouts, or deceiving them by suggesting his presence in non-place real-operate the service through the «Google Maps», which not only benefits in the field of social relations, even in cases of Search for missing people or victims of accidents .... etc.

In conclusion, with the rapidly evolving technology of espionage and proliferation of trade, it has become an urgent necessity for the issuance of controls for the users of the technology, laws and legislation, especially to protect the privacy of individuals, so do not say goodbye to privacy.