Sunday, 8 January 2012

Experts: "Chrome" browser will become the number one in the world of the Internet

Managed company "Google" about a month ago in the upgrading of the web browser "Chrome", which is owned to the second place among Internet browsers, surpassing the "Firefox", and is widely expected that the "Chrome" may succeed in the near future to get rid of the "Internet Explorer" on top of the list, to become the number one browser for the Internet.

According to the company "Stikaontr" specialized in the analysis of network data, accounted for "Chrome" with 27% share of the use of the Internet in December / January, compared to "Internet Explorer" which accounted for 37% of the market, a decline in the rate of 2% over the month the previous year, while Firefox has a solution in the third place by 25%.

And analyst David Mitchell Smith that "Chrome" because it derives its strength from a strong product, and commented: "People use it because it is a fast browser, and Google has spent a lot to promote it, which increased the awareness of users of its characteristics."

Smith said today that the user has a lot of options on Internet browsers, For several years the "Internet Explorer" is the highest share in the market, being part of a free Windows.

The success of the "Chrome" in Google's efforts to expand their business outside the famous search engine, and mobile operating systems "Android" and social networking sites "Google Plus."