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The definition of gold:-
Gold and Rare Earth is one of the precious metals in the world, is extracted from the mines and mountains, archaeological sites, but the search for costly, may be extracting a large rock the size of the room and we have not which only a few grams of pure gold.

Join Gold:-

Be a result of gold deposition of gases and liquids rising from below the surface, these gases and liquids rise in the direction of the surface through cracks in the earth's crust, there is a lot of gold in the rocks of which the crust and often found with metallic copper, lead and rare to find a piece of gold on a sufficient scale to enlarge despite that the large rocks of gold have been found in Australia in the late nineteenth century and there are deposits of gold in the veins of mineral and placer deposits, and is South Africa and the United States, Canada, Australia, China, the Philippines is the Countries main gold producer in the world.

As gold was widespread in many parts of the globe, in addition to the free existence in nature, and the price of hyperbole and use money in various corner of the world have become easier to learn to know other metals. The natural qualities had made him the minerals commonly known Vkther mentioned in the books and many hunters are looking for those engaged in it, interested in many of the chemical purification methods of these metals, gold purification are newly separated dust and silt and other impurities by strong water currents remove sand and alluvial minutes, and minutes remaining gold in place due to the high density of gold has been used mercury to dissolve gold without the sand and silt. Then finds the gold from the mercury by distilling the latter. As can be seen at the presentation of gold mining copper and silver. There are chemical methods of extracting gold, which draws as a way cyanide, or silver alloys dissolve in concentrated sulfuric acid, and purification of gold being nitric acid first, and then electrolysis.
He knew the gold and its value has emerged since ancient times metal composition more easily than any other metal. In addition to the easy availability of gold in its pure form. The beauty of gold and luster, and its resistance to corrosion of metals has made him unique in the arts and crafts together since ancient times, and given the relative scarcity, use gold as currency and the basis for international financial transactions. The unit used in the weight of gold equivalent ounce is 31.1 grams.

Gold Technologies:-

There are modern equipment to detect for gold where there is a specialized organ to detect gold and treasure under the ground-based direct image on the screen, determines the type and weight and depth to the target,These devices designed to detect high-value targets deep in the ground and is working on a system is very sensitive.

Common uses for gold:-

-Used as a reserve currency where he became the sole basis for the currencies of most countries of the world where securities can be converted into gold .
-Because gold is a good conductor of electricity Odhu high resistance to rust and corrosion, it has become of great importance in the manufacture of micro-electric circuits .
-If Ozept small amounts of gold and placed in glass or plastic panels, they prevent the passage of infrared and serve as a protective thermal effective .
-Gold Bthbath characterized by chemical, it is used in machines that operate in the atmosphere show rust and corrosion .
-Used potassium cyanide added to gold in gold plating process that are electrically .
-Gold is used in medicine because it is proven that it is compatible with the organs of the body of living. It is used in dentistry, and pharmaceutical packaging. Also used radioactive isotopes of gold in biological research in the treatment of cancer.
-Uses the bulk of the product in the gold coins and jewels.

In each stage of history, the gold metal was used as a means of trade, has also been used as a store of value, the gold represents the best form of protection against inflation and protects future profits.
Entered the gold in world markets and stock exchanges, as the London market and one of the oldest gold markets in the world and is the world's largest gold trading effectively.