Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nano Technology

The definition of nanotechnology:-
Is a set of tools, techniques and applications concerning the manufacture of a particular structure and composition measurements using very small.

In 1986, a U.S. mathematician Eric Drexler, the actual founder of this science, a book called «-engined configuration», the extension of the ideas the basis for the information of «Nanotechnology». And which he also introduced major risks associated with it.
There is an agreement that in 1990 is the real beginning of the era of nanotechnology, in that year, researchers in the laboratory of one of the sub-electron giant international companies from making smaller Declaration in the world, used the 35 atom of the element xenon to write the name of the company with three letters on the interface headquarters branch in the Swiss capital.

Nanotechnology and its applications:-

Nano is one billionth of a meter, or 9-10 of the meter, and described the size of ten atoms Hirogen, or the rate of growth of a fingernail in one second, or high drop of water after flattening entirely on the surface area of one square meter, or one-tenth of the thickness class colored sunglasses. It should be noted that the presentation of a smaller boat on the Pentium processor is a Pentium 100 nm.
Computer extraordinary day at the Centers for research and development or in the large universities will just watch in the near future and will enable industry operations room full capsule (box) small, they are placed inside the patient's body to carry out the program, which programming process by which doctor the patient's condition, the areas of countless involving nanotechnology, and will change the lives of tens of thousands of times that the rights could change his life since the beginning of time and to this day. Content will become more science fiction fertility now, just a simple fantasies of a small child.

What can nanotechnology that works??

Nanotechnology able to possess the potential to increase the efficiency of energy consumption, and help clean up the environment, and solve major health problems, as it is able to increase production dramatically and manufacturing costs are very low, and the products of nanotechnology will be smaller.

What experts say about nanotechnology??

In 1999, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry "Richard Smalley Richard Smalley" addressed to the United States Commission of the Council of Representatives on Nanotechnology under the theme: "The impact of nanotechnology on health, wealth, and people's lives" and said: "It will be at least equivalent to the combined effects of science microelectronics, medical imaging, computer-aided engineering and composition of synthetic chemical compounds developed during this century. "

Nanotechnology to change human life for the better:-

Term began (Nanotechnology) is spreading in the area of electronic industries, related to Informatics. If we examine the cards used in computers today, especially notebook found to be compressed to a large degree, The card, which does not exceed a few millimeters thick, as if we examined the cables and capacitors, weighing an estimated kilogram, we find that the weight does not exceed parts Almilli grams. The diminished size, and doubled the capacity and all thanks to the reduced thickness of the cables and pressure the volume of capacitors and circuit breakers, which has shortened distances, traveled by electrons, and earn computers, greater speed in the implementation of operations.

IBM technology to zoom:-

Research aimed at IBM in the area of miniaturization technology to design components and new atomic structures at the molecular level to improve the information technologies, in addition to discovering and understanding the scientific basis. Through the leadership development of miniaturization technology or nanotechnology, IBM scientists were able to conduct studies of such technologies on nano-level, technological dwarf. Specifically, the carbon tubes and mini-probe examination, which is produced from a microscope Atomic Energy offers the promise of empowerment to improve services and storage media, data, and a search in the nanoparticle applications in medicine, natural addition to the storage on the hard drive of your computer.
Experts say that nanotechnology is the human scientific revolution has a tremendous change with the features of life in all aspects of health, education, financial .. Etc., making life better, and helps to get rid of incurable diseases suffered by people over the centuries, nanotechnology will also work to improve methods of agricultural and industrial production and reduce costs in an unprecedented manner, which means more comfort and the end of trouble for a man of the times.
Scientists expect to become nanotechnology - technology in the near future an integral part of everyday medical practice, particularly in the field of drug delivery. However, we find Jennifer West warns that it will not happen in the near future she says: "We are still at a distance of several decades of the precision instruments that swim through our bodies to fight bacteria, viruses, and transformation of all human beings to the creatures just healthy."

Near-term uses of nanotechnology:-

● in the medical diagnosis and treatment.
● solar collector and take advantage of (photovoltaic).
● compounds contain the nanotubes .
● in the manufacture of paints and packaging .
● new models of computer memory and integrated circuits. Where there are potential uses for carbon nanotubes (Carbon Nanotubes) at:
● binaries link and transistors.
● speakers reference in mobile devices.
● increase the stiffness components.

Long-term uses of nanotechnology:-

● data storage capacities are immense.
● chips to store the video up to 1000 hours.
● the work of plastic sheeting used in construction are thin and very light for the windows, but with high hardness .